Homeland of Desert Coyote Press

Your book is a portable piece of magic. Immerse your adventurous and independent spirit in historical fiction from the Desert Coyote Press DCP. Novels are filled with adventure stories of heroes and villains, escape and companionship, lives and travel set in historical times. One reader said it a vacation with interesting people to intriguing places.

Our motto is, Sit down and have a drink, read something.

Invest in the books that you love. Live with complex characters and everyday people facing extraordinary challenges in vivid locations. You will have a thrill, a laugh, shed a tear or two and live moments of sheer terror. Enjoy the ride.

Clifford Farris founded DCP in 2019 on the premise that you should live with passion. Come join our community and journey with us.

“Fair winds and following seas,” to you the reader.

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