Intriguing people from around the world fill the pages of these books. Readers enjoy their adventures, challenges, losses, and triumphs on five continents of the world.

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The Porter/Amundson Trilogy

Book 1 – Agilis Rising Under Sail

Porter, a young man, is obsessed. He jumps ship to join the 1849 California gold rush. Bjorn and the crew rush to Sacramento. Their ship Agilis is abandoned in the San Francisco harbor.

Bjorn is a natural gold miner, but Porter hates the search for riches and returns to Agilis as the second mate. The owner wagers his vessel on a race to Honolulu for food to feed hungry forty-niners.

Porter must beat a rival to the islands, fight Chinese pirates, and outmaneuver his competitor.

This story of intrigue, trickery, and exciting times in Hawaii appeals to lovers of adventure and challenge.

Book 2 – New Viking Gold Mine

Bjorn Amundson is under a 1000-year curse. This modern Viking leaves Norway as a sailor who cannot read. His talent in the 1849 California gold rush makes his New Viking Gold Mine a success.

The curse lets Brannan, a ruthless landowner, trick Bjorn to sign away his mine and hide his weakness. The swindler’s thugs evict Bjorn and leave him down and destitute.

Can this modern Viking lead a mob of miners against Brannan? Can he break the curse and learn to read?

Readers will enjoy this story of heroism in the 1849 California gold rush.

Book 3 – Secret Smuggler of the Sea

Secret Smuggler of the Sea

Best seafaring companions, Bjorn and Master Porter, are in a bitter conflict. Youthful, ambitious, naïve, they watch lascars hoist chests on their ship. Each box says Patna Opium. It is 1854 Calcutta.

Porter can use the profit in China to own the vessel, but officials ban opium and behead smugglers. Bjorn despises the venture and fights the profits. He lost a miner to opium dens in San Francisco.

Savage enemies and Asian spies inform every ladrone, petty warlord, marauder, and thief in the region. Bjorn warns of danger. Porter protects the mission.

Will the Sino Navy capture them? Can they deliver and keep their heads? Are Bjorn and Porter still friends?

This exciting novel set of southeast Asia holds your attention to the surprising conclusion.

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